12th Man meeting, Oxford Sports and Social Club

05/08/2013 at 7.30pm

Present:- Trevor Lambert (chair), Danny Johnston, Ray Whittaker, Kim Ridgley. Paul Ridgley(acting secretary), Dave Cudd, Charlie Methven, Sue Trafford, Rose Green.
Apologies:- Don Gale, Steve Sykes, Michael North, Paul Wakeford, Liam Wakeford.
Minutes of last meeting:- No minutes were taken for the interim meeting so nothing to confirm.
Portsmouth Langan Collection:- A fabulous total of £1326.01 was taken at the first league game at Fratton Park. A tremendous thank you goes to the back stage team at Portsmouth FC for their help in organising this collection. CM says a great effort by all as we have now very nearly reached the target. TL suggests a bucket be taken around the boxes and lounges on Saturday, RG agreed to take the bucket around.
Bar update:- RW presented a list for the bar area, he explained how it works and has asked for volunteers and DJ had agreed to do the door for each game this season. RG agreed to be on the table after her duties as meet and greet. CM confirmed that if anyone wants to go out of the room, a raffle ticket will be issued to non season ticket holders so they can return and gain access after the match. RW asked where products would be stored. TL asked if we could have name badges and DC produced from a box a range of personalised name badges for everyone. All expressed thanks to DC for the badges. CM spoke about revenue share, he confirms that discussions continue. An official press release expected soon.TL asked if there was a sentence we could use in the interim to say that this will happen. CM said he believed that it will happen in the next week or two.
The player rota has been drawn up for the first two months and the ambassador rota has also been drawn up and three or four names, have agreed. the bar interview will take place between 1:45 and 2pm. The club has built two new bars and the food people have been told to make things better.
DC asked if we could tell the people on forums that we have new beer but CM confirmed that we still have the same beer at present.
DJ suggested a questionnaire be given out after a few games to gauge the reaction to the new bar, CM confirmed he thinks this is a good idea.
RW asked what would happen on midweek games with the guests? CM said that no guests would be booked for midweek game due time restraints.
CM said that on 21st September it is confirmed that Dave Langan will be guest for the day.
RW asked if it would be possible to have a season ticket for the bar area, CM said that this would be more of an idea for the group to decide on so the group has agreed and a price of £20 has been agreed. TL said he would put something about this on the website.
Table Activities:- TL said we have stuff for sale and we will have ideas and info for people. TL suggested a mailing list of people wanting info on new stuff. He will set up a dummy email to test it.
Flag:- The flag bearer will be given a certificate in the bar area after the game and CM confirmed that it will be presented by the man of the match. PR told that we now have the first two home games booked.
21st September:- CM spoke about this, the official Yellow Army launch party, there will be an OUFC legends game 6:15 to 7:15pm. Drinks prices will be increased to the normal pub prices and the difference between this price and the normal bar price will go to the fund. He also confirmed that the target for the Yellow Army fundraising is £20k and this is for bringing in a player and paying his wages from the January transfer window. Children will be welcome, there will be a piece in the programme on Saturday under the heading ‘save the date’.
The group needed to discuss the price for this and we agreed a price of £30 or two for £50 and children between 7 and 14 £10 under 7s go free.
ST asked where we buy tickets? CM said a website has been set up and the 12th man table will have some.
Fund Total:- TL confirmed the total is £8750 at the end of July.
Website, donations:- TL said Lee Brooker has set up a website for donations where people can donate monthly, TL suggested making it a 100 or 200 club where a number is drawn every month and that person wins part of what is donated.
New  products:- PW has designed a range of mugs, 36 cost £96 less than £3 per item and we sell them for £7
DC showed a range of new products and said that the club has put him outside with two tables in the same place as last season.
RW asked if we should finance new ideas, he suggested it could be a maximum of 10% of the fund at any one time. TL asked for all to put forward their thoughts for this idea by end of week.
TL suggested a thank you letter be sent to Zoe for all she has done for the group.
AOB:- DC asked about the Golden Goal, TL and RW were still considering.
Date of next meeting:- 2nd September has been agreed at the Oxford Sports and Social Club, Roman Way.
  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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