4 March 2013 at Kennington Sports and Social Club


Present; David Cudd (chair), Don Gale, Danny Johnston, Trevor Lambert, Paul Ridgley, Kim Ridgley, Sue Trafford, Ray Whittaker, Steven Sykes (secretary)

Apologies for absence were received from Rose Green and Michael North.

Minutes of last meeting and matters arising – RW and TL confirmed that thank you letters had been sent to all those who donated raffle prizes. DC suggested reducing the price of merchandise to help shift unsold stock. DG pointed out that our aim is to make a profit on sales but TL replied that all outstanding costs have been covered and therefore all sales of existing merchandise can now be viewed as profit. ST suggested selling mugs with Easter eggs in. RW suggested the price of a mug be reduced to £4, or £5 with egg.

Goals DVD update – 12 sets have been sold. DG volunteered to see if he could obtain cases at a price below that which we currently pay. TL said producing the inserts is very labour intensive and asked if anyone would volunteer to help with this. A period of silence followed.

Summer event – DC suggested the Open Day and the Fun Day would each be a good occasion into which to link an event. TL felt that best activities on the Open Day are ones that children can get involved in. DC suggested that everyone give the matter some thought and present their ideas at the next meeting.

Use of the Fund – in light of the fact that the Fund has not been called upon this season,  TL said he hoped that it would not now be used as any player coming in now would only be for a short term and we would be financing a limited number of games.

Treasurers Report – TL distributed copies of the up to date report. Further income was then received from sales from ST, thereby rendering it obsolete.

Any other business – DG reported that there had been a problem with the flag bearer tour on the previous Saturday. PR said he would inform Mick Brown that the Group was not happy about this. It was agreed that the flag bearer should be offered another game to compensate for the disappointment. DC has launched a new range of magnets with players names and photos on. Some loose ideas for new designs of mug were considered. DC suggested that the Group should hold an ‘open’ meeting and invite other people to attend, although there is in fact no restriction on who can attend meetings and all are welcome.

Date and time of next meeting – Monday 15 April 2013 at Kennington SSC.

  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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