Monday 4 February 2013 at Kennington Sports and Social Club

Present; Don Gale (chair), Rose Green, Danny Johnston, Trevor Lambert, Kim Ridgley, Paul Ridgley, Steven Sykes, Sue Trafford, Ray Whittaker.

Apologies for absence were received from David Cudd and Michael North.

Minutes of last meeting – there was some debate about this as TL said he did not remember seeing any, but SS was insistent he had circulated them. SS agreed to check into this.

Raffle update – RW thanked everybody for their efforts and reported that a total of just over £1000 had been raised. His only disappointment was that OxVox had not been able to sell any tickets. He requested that TL compose a letter of thanks to be sent to all prize donors. DG thanked RW for all his hard work and TL proposed a formal vote of thanks. Thanks were also expressed to RG for organising the prize hamper.

Merchandise update – It was agreed that there are still a considerable number of badges unsold. Around the table people were holding approximately 90 lanyards and 60 mugs, but as both MN and DC were likely to be holding stocks none of these figures were definitive. It was agreed therefore that all prices would be held for the time being.

Flag bearer update – As there was no flag bearer for the re-arranged Fleetwood game PR agreed to contact Peter Rhoades-Brown to see if he could locate a suitable person. There are still a number of unsold games but it was agreed that generally people do not have much spare money in the current economic climate and therefore it was unsurprising that bookings are down.

Treasurer’s report – TL distributed copies of his latest report, the figures are available to view on the website.

Future of the Fund – TL stated that he was disappointed not to have received a reply to a letter he had sent to Ian Lenagan. SS said he thought that might be down to the fact that IL operates in a different manner to the way Kelvin Thomas did. RW also felt it was unlikely that we would hear from IL until something was required from the Fund.

RW suggested that if we are to organise another Christmas raffle we need to start planning a lot earlier this year.  TL proposed that we should look at having one or two major events a year, A 5 a side tournament and also a race night were put forward as possible events.

Any other business – TL reported that MN had asked him to convey to the meeting that he has taken approximately £500 for the fund, however he wished to use some of that money to buy bags that can be used to bundle his programmes for sale; this was approved by the meeting.

Date of next meeting – Monday 4 March at Kennington Social Club.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm.

  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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