Minutes of 12th Man meeting held at

Roman Way training ground on 30/09/2013

Present:- T Lambert (chair), S Trafford, R Whittaker, R Green, P Ridgley (assistant secretary), M North.

Apologies:- K Ridgley, D Johnston, D Gale, P Wakeford, L Wakeford.

Minutes:- minutes of last meeting were read through and accepted.

Party BBQ:-  TL showed a break down of the monies raised at the party/BBQ.

RW suggested that if we ever do a party again we should do it ourselves and ask others for help. PR suggested using a local band that has a large following would bring in a decent amount of money.

TL said that all money raised from this event was currently with Oxvox and none of our fund is considered to be in that pot.

TL suggested an Xmas party at Roman way sometime around 19th December but stressed that nothing is yet definite.

Flag:- PR told that he had taken payment for two bookings and more reservations are coming in.

Xmas raffle:- RW showed golden goal tickets and said that he is going to start selling them this Saturday, he has 12 sets and they cost £80.

Raffle ticket are on sale for 5000/£64 or 10000/£104, ticket price was agreed at £0.50p per ticket. TL asked how long delivery would take, RW confirmed two weeks. It is agreed that we purchase 10,000 tickets.

RW said that the party BBQ had taken all of his prize ideas, and he asked if a flag bearer slot could be given, PR agreed.

MN offered some programmes, TL suggested asking for an executive box for a game, RW is to ask the club via Mary Page. TL suggested asking the companies in the retail complex.

RW asked for someone to cover his holiday in being a proof reader for the ticket if the need arises. PR offered to accept the role RW agreed. The draw is to take place on December 19th at Roman Way Training ground, because the players would be there and a photo opportunity could arise. Tickets will be here by November 2nd game and will be sold at, at least 4 league games. RW asked for more ideas on ways of getting prizes, all are to have a think and let RW know if anything comes to mind.

Sponsored walk.:- TL says no details yet, but it is in hand and the four directional idea is what he wants to do.

Bar feed back:- TL confirmed he has had a message about the stewards saying that we are not there on time, and confirmed that he was there before the start but could not gain access because the stewards were not there.

RW suggested that we have a note on the sign outside saying last entrance 2:45pm, this will allow the bar staff to close the bar and us to get to our seats.

TL said we have taken £733 so far from the bar door entrance price from 4 matches.

TL asked if the mugs were priced correctly and said he thinks £6 each or 4 for £20 is good price all agree.

TL said that the club were on their third PA system and this one is still not great.

DVD’s Tony Stoyle is doing some more DVD copies, TL will get more holders and print more inserts, he also asked for a supply of ink to be funded by the group, all agree so £66 cheque handed over.

Treasurer’s report:- TL has issued a report showing the current total in the fund is £9958.41 with £100 flag bearers payment to be added and £66 to be taken out so that leaves £9992.41.

AOB:- MN asked if we thought having a car boot sale was a good idea, it was suggested that he should try one and see how it goes so we can than make a decision on further boot sales. MN agreed.

DONM:- Monday Nov 4th at Roman way training ground.


  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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