27 February 2012 at Hawkwell House Hotel

Present: Danny Johnston (chair), Lee Brooker, Mark Bryden, Don Gale, Rose Green, Trevor Lambert, Ray Whittaker, Kelvin Thomas (invited), Steven Sykes (secretary).

Apologies for absence: were received from Zoe Fathers, John Gould, Kim Lamont, Michael North, Paul Ridgley, Liam Wakeford and Paul Wakeford. Lee Brooker was formally welcomed to the meeting.

Minutes of last meeting: were deemed to be approved as fourteen days had passed since their publication without any objections or amendments being raised.

Standing order scheme: TL stated there would be a centre page spread in the forthcoming weekends programme and circulated an example. He emphasised that no money had been taken out of the Fund to pay for this. On this subject, MB said that he felt that the current necessity of members of the group having to underwrite initiatives was potentially stifling new ideas. A discussion on this subject ensued but it was felt that the current composition of the Fund does not allow for this. TL and DG both said this would have to be a matter for further discussion. RW proposed that a thank you letter be sent to James Robinson for his work on this and TL requested that thanks be minuted. TL produced some copy he had written for the website to promote the standing order scheme which MB will read and adapt. LB asked if a Paypal system existed on the website. TL said not as yet and pointed out that there were potential overheads on the fees charged by Paypal.

Position of Treasurer and treasurer’s update: JG wishes to relinquish the position of treasurer and TL said that he and PR are looking at sharing the responsibility. DG proposed that TL and PR be elected joint treasurers which was agreed unanimously. DG also proposed a vote of thanks to JG for all his work. JG had produced a written treasurer’s report which was read out by the meeting chairman.

Products update etc.:

TL circulated a draft written by MB for online sales. It was agreed in view of the imminent standing order scheme launch this would be delayed for a few weeks. RW volunteered to be responsible for the dispatch of online sales once these were up and running.

Flag bearer update. The only remaining match for which there is no flag bearer is the Wimbledon game on March 20. RG stated she was not available to do the meet and greet for that game, should it be required, so DJ volunteered for the duty. A vote of thanks to PR was recorded for his sterling work.

Website and Facebook update. The website is up and running although there is currently little content. Contributions were encouraged. Facebook has suffered due to a Facebook revision in which all ‘old’ groups were archived and only administrators remain. Anybody can join the Facebook group and there is a link from the 12th Man website. LB offered to help set up feeds for this as he is proficient in Word Press.

End of season game. This is unlikely to take place as a game is being arranged against a Pegasus XI. TL asked if the game could be transferred to the Open Day but KT felt people spend enough time in the stands under the current format, without asking them to remain there even longer.

Other possible events including film night. It was agreed that an archive film night was potentially a good idea and SS would investigate further. LB suggested that the Fund might support junior football tournaments. A quiz night was also proposed. MB suggested a fun run – he has spoken to the people who are responsible for the Thames towpath and these people seemed very helpful. TL suggested approaching a professional organisation if such an event were to be arranged. KT suggested another sponsored walk as he felt more people were likely to walk than run. The best time for such an event was discussed as well as a possible route.

Any other business: KT stated that he wished to record the club’s thanks for the Fund’s contributions to OUFC so far.

Date of next meeting: Monday April 16 at 7.30pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm.

  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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