12th man meeting, Kennington Sports and Social Club.

20/05/2013 7.30pm

Present: Steve Sykes (chair), Michael North, Rose Green, Danny Johnston, David Cudd, Sue Trafford, Kim Ridgley, Ray Whittaker, Don Gale, Paul Ridgley (secretary).

Apologies for absence: Trevor Lambert, Lee Brooker, Paul Wakeford, Liam Wakeford.

Minutes of last meeting: Minutes were passed as correct.

Flag bearer package: No information was available about the certificates so it was agreed to leave that part of the package to be sorted closer to the new season.

12th man bar: SS reported that Chris Williams had sent him an e-mail informing us that Mr Lenagan is happy with our suggestion that non season ticket fans will be allowed into the bar but need to be asked for a voluntary donation to the fund.

A meeting has been scheduled at the stadium on Wednesday 22nd at 5.30pm to discuss with CW anything we may want him to consider about the new bar area.

Fun day16th June: RG said that she had been contacted by Gemma confirming us a place on the fun day, she will ask Gemma if we need to provide our  own table. She also suggested a game of ‘sell a date’ and asked if we could have a flag bearer package as a prize, PR confirmed that this would not be a problem, all other members agreed. DC said he would contact his brother to ask for a prize donation. ST expressed concern that we may not be able to have enough people to man the table, it was decided that enough people would be there.

Future aims of the fund: TL asked through a message read by SS if we could discuss a new aim for the fund, as we do not seem to be getting calls for the  money from the club even though we thought they were going to use it last season, the different ways suggested were

1. divert the fund to the youth team.

2. a single high profile donation to the club at the start of every season meaning the money would still go into the playing budget.

3. discuss with the club a specific target such as training ground equipment or whatever.

There was a general consensus that option 2 was preferred but this will be decided at a future meeting. RW came up with the idea of a time of first goal competition at home games, we would sell each minute on a pick a number system and the winner would be the holder of the ticket that matched the recorded minute of the first goal for the game the winner would win 50% of the takings for that game and the remainder would go to the fund. RW agreed to address printing and sorting of this game but we need to ask the club if they are okay with it just in-case they object and this game would be called ‘Golden goal’.

Treasurers report: MN has given the fund an amazing £682 from his programme sales and has asked if the fund could help him save his ceiling by donating £50 for the build of shelves in his loft space, the group agreed to the request. This means we have now reached the £50,000 mark and MN has agreed to contact the Oxford Mail to ask them to run a story.

Any other business: DC has welcomed PW’s new mug supply initiative, he works for a company that can supply mugs in much lower amounts for much the same price. DC also would like a ‘logo’ to be agreed by the group, he has a picture of a ‘snorting bull’ drawn by PW, no objections were offered so it is agreed that the ‘snorting bull’ is now a logo. DG confirmed that he still has 1000 badges left for sale but as they are  not dated they can still be sold, DC says he will not have a problem selling them. TL asked through his letter and SS’s words if we could discuss a project for next season and a walk, a parachute jump, a penalty shoot out and a sponsored silence were suggested. SS recommended that we get the fun day out of the way first, then we could concentrate on other things. It was agreed to offer best wishes to SS on his 50th birthday even if he did not want to admit to being that age.

Date of next meeting: June 24th 2013, at Kennington Sports and Social Club.

  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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