12th Man group Meeting


Kennington Sports and Social Club


Attendees:- Steve Sykes (chair), Trevor Lambert, Rose Green, Sue Trafford, Kim Ridgley, Paul Ridgley, Don Gale,Dave Cudd, Ray Whittaker.

1)Apologies:- Paul Wakeford, Liam Wakeford, Michael North, Zoe Fathers, Danny Johnston.

2)Minutes of last meeting:- None – previous meeting was an information meeting for Ian Lenagan.

3)Online Sales:- TL recalled experience of selling mugs on E-Bay some years ago and said that as MN has a current E-Bay account he will cancel his old one, as there is no need for more than one account on E-Bay, all agreed.

4)Mugs:- TL has some 100 mug packaging boxes that we can use for this year’s mug sales, the mug designed by PW was shown and all agreed it looked great, TL confirmed that the mugs should arrive this week and we need to agree a price, it was proposed a price of £6 or 4 for £20 would allow a break even of just over 100 sales, there were no objections so the price was agreed. ST asked how many mugs she could have and TL agreed to give her one box that would comprise some 72 mugs.

5)Treasurer’s report:- Sheets handed out, TL confirmed that the new signatories have been sorted out with the bank and that John Gould has now completely finished his work as treasurer for the group. Two signatories will be needed to get money out of bank on all occasions, this will be from TL, MN or DJ. There is currently £4,950 in the account plus the money collected at the meeting. It was agreed to pay DG the cost of the badges sooner than he expected because it is not easy to separate the exact badge money but nevertheless the money will be there very soon. DG reported that £850.80 is outstanding because of the £312 discount for faulty badges.

6)Future events including Christmas raffle:-

DC showed the group a new beanie hat and ST said she had some for sale on Saturday and they sold very well, DC confirmed that if they sell for £8 the fund would benefit from £2 per hat.

RW asked for ideas for prize ideas for a 12th man Christmas raffle, DG said he had a plaque from the Milk Cup of 1986 and that he will give £50 cash, TL said he will ask the club for tickets or other things they might be able to supply, DG suggests talking to people in the exec boxes, he is to get a letter drafted up to send out and PR asked for a copy of the letter to give to Blanchfords. SS asked for draw date suggestions and 22nd December was agreed; tickets will go on sale from 10th November. RW agreed to sort out tickets and arrange licence with the local authority, TL will also let the club know what we are planning to avoid stepping on toes. Tickets will cost 25p each or 4 for £1 or £5 for a book.SS film night is still on but needs to be put back for a while and now that our preferred speaker was no longer available a new one was needed. TL suggested Nick Harris would be a good replacement.

7)Fund management committee:- After a request from OxVox about who was on this committee it was confirmed that this means the people that would go to the club to authorise the passing over of money from the group to the club, so it will be any two of the banking trio.

8)Future meeting locations:- SS suggested that we should continue to invite IL to our meetings but we should not let the club dictate where we go, he also confirmed that we could continue to use the Kennington Sports and Social Club.

9)Any other business:- PR said how difficult it is getting more bookings for the flag bearer, and asked if all agree that we should offer a place to the lad PRB imadvertently upset a month or two ago, everyone agreed, PR is to get contact details from Mick Brown and contact the lad’s parents.

DC has offered to sell things like scarves and has asked for ideas of things like logos or sayings to go on his products.

DG has regaled us with his time as a SUPER STAR in his band ‘Wishful thinking’ and it seems he may be able to perform at our Christmas DO if we have one.

10)Date of next meeting:- Monday November 19th at Kennington Sports and Social Club 7:30pm.

  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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