Minutes of 12th man meeting
on 19th November 2012 at
Kennington sports and social club
Trevor Lambert (TL), Dave Cudd (DC), Sue Trafford (ST), Kim Ridgley (KR), Paul Ridgley (PR), Steve Sykes (SS), Don Gale (DG),Michael North (MN), Tony Stoyle (TS), Danny Johnston (DJ), Ray Whittaker (RW), Rose Green (RG).
Paul Wakefield, Liam Wakefield, Lee Brooker, Maurice Earp, Zoe Fathers.
Minutes of last meeting:-
It was noted that the price of the raffle tickets was at its original price of 25 pence each instead or the new and agreed price of 50 pence each. Otehrwise the minutes were passed as correct.
RW explained that the tickets had been ordered on 1st November on a 7 – 10 day delivery basis but had not yet arrived. TL said that he had phoned the company. RW told us about the wrong order number, and that the company had said on the 10th Nov the order had been dispatched. TL said we had learned a lesson from this, it was agreed by all that we would never use this company again. DG expressed thanks to RW for the work he has already put in to get the tickets sorted and all was agreeing that no blame for the lateness of delivery should be directed towards RW but all blame should go to the company for not reading the order correctly. DJ presented a flyer designed by PW for the raffle. There will be a table for raffle ticket sales.
Goals DVD:-
TS was welcomed to the group by all and asked to explain his DVD scheme, this is a set of three DVD’s on which he has put recordings of the goals on the news programmes after each game dating from the 73/74 season right through the 91/92 season, after viewing a copy of one DVD, we as a group have agreed with a 50/50 split of the takings after deduction of costs going to TS and the fund. The selling price was agreed as £5 each of three for £12 DC has agreed to supply some DVD cases that will hold a set of three. ST has placed the first order. TL is to ask PW to design an insert to fit inside the DVD case. The group will endeavour to reassure itself about copyright.
Mugs, badges, flag bearing:-
MN confirmed he has put mugs for sale on E-Bay. TL is to put a link on our website about the E-Bay listing. TL confirmed that we have now received some 288 mugs; one was broken, two have been given to players, and some have already sold, so far we have taken about £200 and if we sell out we will take up to £1710 which will easily show a good profit.
TL confirmed it is not easy selling badges this year, a lot of effort bringing little results.
Flag Bearer:-
RG said she had spoken to PRB about publicising flag bearing and PR confirmed he would call PRB to see if he can help us and also see if he would be able to find someone to carry the flag this Saturday.
Match day sales:-
DG confirmed he has a table that can be used on Saturday, RG confirmed she will be able to help sell on Saturday.
Treasurers update:-
TL confirmed that as of 26 October there was £5287 in the account before the deduction of the cost of badges. DG has since been paid for the badges, and £912.36 was taken from the walkers so far. MN asked TL to meet him after games to collect money from him.
New activities for 2013:-
DC confirmed he will be selling scarves and gloves.
TL showed a folding seat comfort pad and wondered if they would be a saleable item.
SS confirmed his film night is now a work in progress.
Any Other Business:-
MN showed pictures of the walk.
Date of Next Meeting:-
Monday 17th December 2012 at the Kennington Sports and Social club.

Meeting Closed.

  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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