Monday 17 December 2012 at Kennington Sports and Social Club

Present; Sue Trafford (chair), David Cudd, Don Gale, Rose Green, Danny Johnston, Trevor Lambert, Michael North, Steven Sykes, Ray Whittaker.


Apologies for absence were received from Paul and Kim Ridgley, Tony Stoyle, and Liam and Paul Wakeford.

Minutes of last meeting – TL felt there were certain items from the previous minutes that needed to be slightly rephrased. Under ‘raffle’ he suggested a change to ‘DJ presented PWs design for the raffle’ and replace the following two sentences with ‘There will be a table for raffle ticket sales’. With reference to the goals DVD, it should be made clear that the 50/50 split is after the deduction of production costs, and the split is between TS and the Fund, rather than the group. In addition TL suggested the phrase ‘The group will endeavour to reassure itself about copyright’ be added to the minutes. With regard to mugs, the minutes should be changed to read ‘if we sell out we will take up to £1710’ as this is the very maximum that could be achieved if they were all sold at full price and some may be sold at a bulk discount. TL further suggested that under Flag Bearer the minutes be changed to ‘RG said she had spoken to PRB about publicising flag bearing’ and wished to clarify that the figure of £5287 mentioned in the Treasurers Update was before the deduction of the cost of badges.

The minutes were approved subject to these amendments.

Raffle Ticket Update – RW advised that he was holding £269.50 from ticket sales, having paid £75 to TL to cover production costs. MN and ST produced further money and ticket stubs. RW confirmed that he had approval to do the draw on the pitch at half time in the Fleetwood game (December 22) and asked that as many stubs as possible be delivered to him by 2.30pm on the day. RG and DJ volunteered to help and DG volunteered to collect stubs and money from the Priory. RW estimated that at the current level of sales we should have receipts of about £600. RW then proposed that an additional prize to the value of £60-80 be purchased but SS objected to this, on the grounds that as the tickets were already printed it would be difficult to publicise this extra prize effectively and consequently it was not likely to increase ticket sales, and therefore a waste of money. The meeting concurred with this view. RW raised the question over the security of prizes on the day and RG & ST suggested he speak to the club to see if they could help. DG suggested a box of 12th Man products as an additional prize.

Packaging of goals DVD – TL distributed sample packaging that has been designed by DJ. DC suggested that the words ‘Football Club’ be removed from the packaging. TL suggested that we should look to commence marketing in January. TL has e-mailed Angela Badcock of Bower and Bailey with regard to the wording of the copyright disclaimer and SS agreed to seek a second legal opinion.


OUFC Exiles calendar – Dave Hoare of the OUFC Exiles Group has created a calendar with the intention of offering it for sale on the Exiles website and planned to request that those who download it make a voluntary donation of £5 to the Fund. The meeting had no objection to this. MN asked if it could be produced as a hard copy but it was decided that although such a thing was possible, it was now too late in the year to produce it effectively.

Treasurers Update – TL had distributed this via e-mail. The current balance was showing as £5256.43 in the bank at the end of November but since then the mugs have been paid for at a cost of £637 and a further £450 had been received from various sources. MN reported that so far only one mug had been sold on e-bay.

Any other business – DC asked if the additional table(s) that had been secured in the Quadrangle area for the sale of raffle tickets could be retained for the sale of his products. TL and DG felt that if this was something that should be looked into, it should be done after Christmas. . TL raised the point that there is a danger of spending a lot of time for little reward when trying to sell products on match days.

Date of next meeting – Monday 21 January 2013 at 7.30pm, Kennington Sports and Social club.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm.

  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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