Present Rose Green (chair), Don Gale, John Gould, Danny Johnston, Trevor Lambert, Paul Ridgley, Liam Wakeford, Paul Wakeford, Ray Whittaker, Steven Sykes (secretary).

Apologies for absence were received from Mark Bryden, Zoe Fathers, Kim Lamont, Michael North and Kelvin Thomas.

Minutes of last meeting were approved as a true record. TL stated that he had copies of terms and conditions to be signed by JG and DJ, and thereafter by KT.

Rob Hall bill and payments from fund  TL stated that he had spoken to KT that afternoon, and the club had not yet invoiced the Fund as they were in turn awaiting an invoice from West Ham United for the player.

Update on 12th Man Products Jewellery – ZF has paid £110.70 to JG representing monies raised so far. Lanyards – have arrived, for sale at £2 each. DG stated that he had received an invoice for these of £135 + VAT and encouraged everybody to take some and start selling them! Home badges – DG stated that he has now paid the bill for these so all sales from this point on are profit. Away badges – the viability of these was discussed and DG agreed to obtain a quote for producing 500 and for 750. PW agreed to design the badge. Cartoons – PW stated he is making some progress with these but is still awaiting pictures from OUFC of some players. Flag day – PW suggested the Swindon game would be an appropriate occasion. MB is obtaining a quote for small flags; DG to get an alternative quote. JG reminded the meeting it would be necessary to have the permission of OUFC before launching such an event.

Website selling products ostensibly to benefit 12th Man Fund It was established that some payment (although small) had been received via Paypal and on the strength of this it was suggested that Steve Hall (the person responsible for the website) be invited to the next meeting. TL asked if the Fund had received any payment from the Priory or Weber regarding the barbecues that had been installed with profits supposedly going to the Fund. It was thought not, so SS agreed to contact Chris Williams with regard to this. TL then stated that a supporter named Ashley Madden has designed sample phone cases with the OUFC logo, which the club shop has refused to stock; however agreement had been reached that he could make and sell these to benefit the Fund and Ashley is now doing cost calculations as to their viability.

12th Man website launch PR said the website is launched, and going well, but as the content is being developed by himself and TL he needed more ideas of what people want on it. PW suggested there should be pages for people who are supporting the fund, e.g. ZF, and Steve Hall (as above). PW was congratulated for his work on the header although there is still some work to be done on getting the correct shade of yellow. It was suggested that Michael Reading, who has designed the website, should be invited to the next meeting. JG agreed to provide a financial update for the website.

Standing order donations TL presented a draft version of the flyer and various amendments were discussed. JG stated that the paperwork to set up the new account was proving difficult and causing delays. It was agreed that it was not possible to have everything ready for the home game on 26/11 and although it might be possible for 17/12 there was concern that this game might attract a relatively low crowd being the Saturday before Xmas and therefore early January might be better. RW suggested the Swindon game would be a good time for the programme insert as a lot of programmes were likely to be sold. It was noted that we are not necessarily limited to one programme insertion. PW suggested the leaflet could also be inserted in the Oxford Mail. TL said that once the leaflet had been finalised it would be put on the website for people to download.

Forums  TL has sent a (substantial) e-mail regarding the use of forums.

Future chairmen DJ and then RW were elected to chair the next two meetings.

Any other business Balance of Fund – JG stated that once any outstanding monies had been paid the balance of the Fund will stand at £9856. Priory Quiz – it has been suggested the Fund should take over the running of this. JG suggested February would be a good time to hold this, with a raffle and possibly other attractions. Flag Bearer – PW asked if his suggestion regarding the Oxford Mail doing an article on the flagbearer had been taken further. PR agreed to speak to Mark Edwards of the Mail. After the recent confusion and disappointment when the flag could not be located, it was announced that RW is to be in charge of keeping the flag. Logo – PW produced a drawing he had made as a Fund logo, which was meant to represent ‘any’ fan. It was agreed that this was a good idea albeit at this moment it was not certain how this might be used.

Date of next meeting  11 January 2012 at 7.30pm. It was agreed that MN would ask Mary Page to book the room as usual.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.

  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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