Wednesday 11/1/2012 at Hawkwell House Hotel


Present; Ray Whittaker (chair), Mark Bryden, Don Gale, Trevor Lambert, Kim Lamont, Michael North, Paul Ridgley, Liam Wakeford, Paul Wakeford, Kelvin Thomas (invited), Steven Sykes (secretary).

Apologies for absence were received from Zoe Fathers, John Gould, Rose Green, and Danny Johnston. Steve Hall and Michael Reading who had been invited as guests also apologised that they were not able to attend.

Minutes of last meeting were approved as a true record. KT stated that the question regarding income from the Weber barbecues needed to be addressed to the Priory. There was a debate regarding when the minutes should be adopted as correct as the Secretary felt this was a matter for the subsequent committee meeting. However it was agreed that henceforth if there were no objections or amendments within 14 days of the date of the publication of the minutes then they should be considered to be approved.

Fund update and schedule. This was amended to include item 7 from the agenda in the absence of the Treasurer. The Fund has now passed the £40,000 mark in terms of money raised since its inception. The low admin costs were applauded and JG was thanked for the clarity and precision of his update. MB said it would be interesting to see the income stream and from that make an informed decision about future targets. It was stated that the majority of income had been raised in the first season of the Fund’s existence. KT suggested that the obvious target was now £50k. TL said that a bright idea for a ‘big hit’ was needed. A five-a-side tournament was suggested but MN then proposed a fans v players game which had been utilised with success at Notts County. It was agreed this was potentially a good idea but discussion was needed regarding when it might be held.

Products and flag bearer update. PR handed over £100 that he had received and stated that only four games this season remained available for booking. He said he had spoken to Mark Edwards of the Oxford Mail who did not wish to carry the flag but was happy to run a story on it. It was agreed that the Mail will be given a date depending on availability. RW reported that the problem that had occurred earlier in the season where the flag could not be located had been overcome. DG reported that the cost of this season’s badges had now been covered.

Sale of products on match days. There had been some prior discussion of this. DG stated that he would like to see a stand in the bar on match days selling 12th Man products. KT said the 12th Man business must not impinge on the commercial revenue of the football club and there are certain sub-contractual obligations that cannot be waived. He also had a concern that the majority of the Fund revenue is currently based on merchandising. However, it was established that there was no objection in principle to a table (or similar) with the purpose of promoting the Fund.

New activities. Standing order scheme- it has not yet been possible to set up an account for this due to the change of signatures but this should be resolved in 2-3 weeks. KT suggested that flyers could be the best way to launch the scheme and that the club could get preferential rates from the  Oxford Mail. The Mail on Friday 2 March was suggested as a good date for the flyers to be inserted. A discussion ensued about how best to attract a sponsor to defray the costs of the flyer but it was agreed that nevertheless the Fund should push ahead with this. Online sales- TL stated there would have to be a minimum order value and suggested £10. Technically, people would make a £10 donation in return for the badge or other items. SS asked how people would make payment to which TL replied that a Paypal account is easy to set up. The matter is to be discussed further at the next meeting. Possible new products- KT reminded the meeting that, proportionally, the merchandise sales were not raising much money. Various other possibilities were discussed and TL suggested an end-of-season meal/event.

Treasurers report- already covered under item 3.

Any other business- Referring back to item 3, MN said he felt there would be a better response if fans were aware of a specific target, preferably time-related. He also suggested a thermometer-style graph on the website for fans to easily identify the current status of the Fund. MB came up with the slogan ‘12,000 in 2012’ and while this was felt to be not without merit there was a question over whether this was starting from zero or including the current balance of the Fund. KT said he felt a seasonal target was more realistic. MN suggested £12,000 by the start of next season. TL said it was necessary to break down the target otherwise it was simply a pointless figure. Website header- PW produced a copy of the latest header for the meeting’s approval and it was agreed this was excellent.

Date of next meeting- Monday 27 February 2012 at 7.30pm. DJ is scheduled to chair.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25pm.



  • Total Raised

    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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