Funds update

The last reported 12th Man bank total was £10,579 at the end of October.

We can now update that figure to £12,921 at the end of December.

That figure consists of available funds after deducting uncleared cheques for mugs and T shirts, and a payment scheduled in January for new design 12th Man badges.

In other words it is cleared funds available for the purposes of the 12th Man.

Fans will be interested to learn that the amount banked by the 12th Man on behalf of the Yellow Army’s Big Walk is now £2,322.53p, 50% of which will go to Helen & Douglas House Children’s Hospice and 50% to Yellow Army fundraising .

That is not a final figure as some additional amounts are expected to boost the figure beyond £2,500 in the next few days.




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    Overall: £57,624

    To Club: £57,600

    Admin costs: £24


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